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As a multinational company entering or maintaining operations in the China market, you 

may face many complex management challenges. Naturally, you’re concerned about the 

factors that will impact your business: the different circumstances relating to China’s 

market and regulatory environment, the high  speed of business development in the market 

different from western-style economic environments, the finance and accounting 

differences and issues, etc. UFIDA provides you the best solution helping you gain 

advantages or even create miracles  in China and global competition.  

UFIDA Profile 

UFIDA is No.1 local management software solutions and service vender in 

China and Asia.   


(UFIDA Software Park: the largest software industry park in Asia) 


Founded in 1988, UFIDA Software Co., Ltd. has been devoting itself to bringing optimal 

management practices based on state-of-the-art IT technology (including communication 

technology) to management and business innovation activities of its clients, and has been 

a leading supplier of proprietary enterprise management/ERP software, service and 

solutions. UFIDA went public in May 2001 in Shanghai Stock Exchange (Stock name: 

UFIDA Software. Stock code: 600588). 


UFIDA is the largest local management softwa re supplier in the Asia-Pacific and China’s 

largest supplier of management software,  ERP software, financial software, group 

management software, human resource management software and SMB management 


software. At the moment, over 600 thousand enterprises in China and the Asia-Pacific are 

using products of UFIDA Software and ov er 80 thousand enterprises choose UFIDA 

Software every year. Over three million users use products of UFIDA Software each day. 

Our products have made business operations more efficient, actions more responsive and 

benefits more significant. 


UFIDA has the most powerful enterprise ma nagement software R&D system, the largest 

scale support, implementation and training service network and the most integral industrial 

ecological system in China and the Asia-Pacific.UFIDA boosts the largest enterprise 

application software R&D system consisting of its Headquarters R&D Center in Beijing, 

Nanjing Manufacturing Industry R&D Base and Shanghai Advanced Applications Research 

Center, employing a team of 1400 specialists. UFIDA’s 41 subsidiaries and branches, 60 

customer service centers, 150 training and education centers and 3000 service specialists 

make the largest service network in China’s management software industry.   




(U8 ERP -  China Best ERP in Class) 


Voice from Foreign Ventures in China 

With foreign ventures developing in China, what you see is an ever-changing and 

complicated business environment in which opportunities and threats coexist. Booming 

foreign ventures are common to find they ar e boldly battered by tremendous external 

pressure and their own management deficiencies. To be a swift and powerful market 

competitor and dominator, your company needs a management capability to quickly 

integrate different resources, as well as advanced information systems to flexibly configure 

different management elements involved in the operation of associated businesses.   

Voice from foreign ventures in China 

We require our foreign staff and local staff use the same ERP system at the 

same time with ease of use. 

UFIDA provides you: 

   Multilingual and multi-currency user interfaces and reports that promote 

cooperation among diverse teams 




  Business and technology integration tools that enable your corporate headquarters 

to assess and control financial and business status and process flow remotely 


We need fill China’s accounting requirements and quickly provide the financial 

reports requested by the Chinese government, without disrupting the flow of 

information to our corporate headquarters. 

    UFIDA provides you: 

  Preloaded accounting system s for different industries 

  Two-way conversion tool between internat ional and Chinese accounting systems   

  Preloaded standard financial reports and reporting formats required by the Chinese 

government’s Ministry of Finance 

Tools that enable full inquiries  between account books and vouchers 


We need a system dynamically configured and business flow process is under 

strict inner control which meets regulations such as SOX, etc.  

    UFIDA provides you: 

System options to configure business mode 

Work flow setup to let different users enter process according to roles 

Alert engine to get alarm information in time on exception 

System log record to track all operation details and    the responsibilities 


We want to keep our existing systems and meanwhile satisfy the data 

integration with our CAD,PDM, and other system in China or in HQ from our 


    UFIDA provides you: 


Interfaces to third party systems and completely automated data replication that 

enable the financial solution for China to be smoothly incorporated into your business 


Patented EAI tools that enable you to maintain transparent technical integration, even 

after upgrades or replacement of existing systems 





We are in different industry, the ERP system we would have should be the one 

that caters to different industrial business logic. 

UFIDA provides you: 

To make quick decisions against the volatile and complex external environment, UFIDA 

provides customer industrial solutions to help you well control daily business while the 

wisdom of different professionals is integrated. 


We want to handle our accounting management , supply chain management, 

manufacturing management , HR and all other business management  

effectively and with high efficiency. 

UFIDA provides you: 

U8 is an integrated ERP solution for small an d medium-sized enterprises, which is one of 

the most widely used business systems and co vers all business management in the China 

market. Hundreds of thousands of customers in a multitude of industries have successfully 

implemented U8. 




U8 Selected Features 

z   Large customer install base in various industries 

z   Built-in management best practices 

z   Rapid deployment with cost-effectiveness 

z   Multi-currency financial data and reports on demand   

z   Multilingual user interfaces and reports 

z   Regional specific financial and regulatory reports supported   

z   External data exchange in multi-format supported 

z   Strong platform for easy customerization 

z   Wireless connectivity 

z   Highly scalable 

Integrated UFIDA U8 ERP solution can be used  in an intranet or Internet environment, 

enabling you to use the system in a single- or multi-entity company. 


We need a platform to meet individual requirement and customization. 

UFIDA provides you: 

Highly scalable UAP architecture that can be used later as a foundation to launch other 

management systems such as supply chain, manufacturing, CRM, OA, HR. These other 

systems may be UFIDA or third party products 




UFIDA U8 ERP Overview 

UFIDA ERP-U8 is an integrated ERP solution for small and medium-sized enterprises, which 

is one of the most widely used business  systems in the Asian market. Hundreds of 

thousands of customers in a multitude of industries have successfully implemented U8. 







Financial Management 

U8 financial management is an integrated system that covers all daily accounting and 

financial management functions. The financial accounting system utilizes information and 

workflow sharing between the business operations and financial accounting processes. 

The financial management system covers the daily financial process, and provides many 

automated account confirmations from different angles to control and analyze the financial 

process. It can be integrated with all other U8 solution systems.   


Main Modules and Functionality: 

•  GL: user-defined chart of account, voucher data entry and approval, posting, individual 

transaction management, cash management and drill down from account book to voucher; 

•  UFO Report: pre-load report templates, B/S, P/L, Cash flow report, user define report; 

•  A/R & A/P: A/R or A/P receipts, write-offs and account transfer operations, bad debt alert 

and interest calculation, A/R or A/P aging and statements, posting to GL;  

•  Online Banking: interface to internet banking systems from major banks; 

•  Fixed Asset: asset card, movements, repair; depreciation and auto-posting to GL; 

•  Consolidation: Branch’s data gathering, quits consolidation among the ledgers 



Selected Features: 

z   Preloaded accounting items for different industries 

z   Provides and supports to drill-down inquiry from the account book to vouchers 

z   Built-in online banking adapter   

z   Two-way conversion tool between intern ational and Chinese accounting systems 

z   Preloaded standard financial reports and reporting formats required by the Chinese 

government’s Ministry of Finance 


Supply Chain Management 

The SCM system helps the enterprise improve the accuracy of forecasts, reduce inventory 

and enhance shipping capability, reduce the cost and time of purchasing and 

manufacturing, and increases business efficiency. Modules include Contract Management, 

Purchasing Management, Outsource Management, Pre-sales Management, Sales 

Management, Export Management, Inventory Management, Quality Management, 

Inventory Reconciliation, Web Business, Quality Management.   


Main Modules and Functionality: 

•  CRM: customer database, sales opportunity, sales process, marketing and service 

information, sales analysis; 

•  Sales Management: sales plan, quotation and price scheme, sales order, sales delivery, 


invoice, sales expenditure control, analysis and reports; 

•  Inventory Management: Inventory receipt for  stock in or out, movements, inventory 

allocation, lot and serial number, multi-type transactions and checking stock, inventory 

reports and analysis; 

•  Inventory accounting: Receipt cost, issue cost and inventory cost, six types of cost 

valuation, cheapening, posting to GL;   

•  Purchasing Management: Supplier, purchase request, purchase order, arrival and receipt, 

invoice, settlement, return processing, connected to A/P, reports and analysis; 

•  Contract Management: Contract entry, approval, change and settlement, total contract 

documents and terms, reports, and integrated with AP/AR/Sales;   

•  Outsourcing Management: Outsourcers database, outsourcing order, arrival, invoice and 


•  Quality Control: GSP quality, received items inspecting and processing.  


Selected Features : 

z   Complete supplier assessment feature, incorpor ating historical data, prices and quotes 

z   Covers the whole lifecycle of contract and  provides alarms throughout the contract 


z   Three kinds of purchasing management and sales management: general purchasing 

and sales, selling on commission basis and directory transportation 

z   Supports the general and special inventory business, bar code data entry, batch orders, 

quality control, inventory position, inventory movement, etc 

z   Extensive quality checks and processing of unqualified goods 

Manufacturing Management 

Based on MRPII principles, the Manufacturing system helps the enterprise begin the 

planning process based on sales forecasts and orders, assess the exact degree of 

production capacity, and improve the flexibility of production while reducing lead times and 



Main Modules and Functionality: 

•  BOM:  multi-level BOM, BOM version, by-product, cost BOM, BOM comparison, 

substitute BOM;   

•  MPS: Multi-resource for MPS, MPS plans and reports; 

•  MRP: Multi-resource for MRP, MRP plan and reports, batch production support; 

•  Production Capability:  RRP(Resource Requirements Planning), RCCP(Rough Cut 

Capacity Planning) and  CRP(Capacity Requirements Planning).  

•  Production Order: standard and/or non-standard production order generation and approval, 

reports and analysis; 

•  Shop Floor Control: routing data, substitute routing, working bills, pick up raw material, 

the manufacturing data and work hours, receipt of finished goods, and reports. 

•  Engineering Change: Request, re-engineering bill, multi-version and automatic logical 

checkout, and Engineering Change reports. 




Selected Features : 

z   Various forms to build and report on BOM 

z   Automated MPS 

z   Three layers of production capacity planning:Resource Requirements Planning, Rough 

Cut Capacity Planning, Capacity Requirements Planning 

z   Supports standard and non-standard manufacturing orders 

z   User-defined routing, automated working procedure controls 

BI / Decision Support   

The BI / Decision Support system provides a transparent business performance evaluation 

and analysis platform. The system can help control, analyze, assess and forecast business 

information in all aspects of operations.  Modules include “Management Cockpit” BPM, 

Professional Financial Assessment, Data Analysis.   

Selected Features : 

z   Centralized decision-making portal 

z   Real-time KPI comparisons and alerts 

z   Flexible queries and result formats (charts, tables, diagrams, etc.) 

z   Provides the Chinese market financial  data, upgrades and maintenance online 

z   Supports data downloads and transfers in multiple formats such as Excel, Rpt, etc 


Reasons for choosing UFIDA U8 

China Best in Class   

The U8’s tremendous customer base is inclusive of SMEs of most any size, industry, region 

and development stage in China. U8 represents the accumulated knowledge of this 

customer base and through continuously enhancing its value to customers has become a 

best in class solution. 

Ease of Use 

In addition to rapid implementation, U8 also offers an enterprise the ability to implement 

the solution without interruption to daily business. 


Highly Adaptable to Changing Business Requirements 

Staying true to our business philosophy of “be  loyal and reliable friends to clients through 

sincere cooperation,” U8 works in concert with an enterprise in adapting to changing 

market conditions.   


Easy Integration and Extension 

U8 provides an open architecture such as EAI to support the client specific requirements 

for integration and /or extension to either modules or functions. The customerization 

platform UAP of U8 gives easier way for client to enhance the functionality by themselves.   

Deploy today, Scale tomorrow 

Foreign ventures can effectively deploy U8 at any stage of organizational development and, 

based on business need and/or planned growth, quickly add depth to the solution.     



UFIDA successful foreign venture 


Many multinational enterprises choose to implement U8 when hey enter China region. 

UFIDA successfully helps many international enterprises who come to China enhance 

their management capabilities in  all areas of business operations. 


Some UFIDA successful clients 

Pepsi-cola 百事可乐 

Franklin Electric富兰克林电气 

Du Pont 杜邦华佳 

Saint-Gobain 法国圣戈班集团 

TOSHIBA  东芝机械、 











KOSE 高丝化妆品 

Lafarge  拉法基水泥 

HONDA 本田发动机 


MAHLE  马勒发动机 


Triumph 黛安芬 



… … 

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